This is like when we meet do to our family chore charts…they never really work out. Well, they do for about a month until everything starts falling apart. People just stop worrying about them. After a while Mom says, “We’re going to start chore charts again,” but we never do. We’ve tried all kinds of ways to keep them going, like tokens.

But still I do chores at least once a day. Sometimes I have to sweep twice because somebody will spill chips on the ground or crush them or something.  Chores would be great if I didn’t have to sweep. I’m going to invent a vacuum that works on wooden floors so you don’t have to sweep. It’ll be inexpensive and would make a great birthday present. I’m sure there are other children who would appreciate my vacuum.

Another great invention would be a robot maid that you can program to do things like put toys in the basement, put books away. And you could push a button that tells it not to throw stuff away. If the throwaway switch is on, it throws away stuff that normal people would consider garbage– like my solar ovens or the suitcase I made out of a goldfish box. But if the switch is off, it would keep those things. Basically this will be a maid that you can trust, because you can’t trust most maids.


This one is for my teacher, the best 6th grade teacher ever!

Nothosaurus was a sea dinosaur, that came on land every once and a while. Nothosaurus grabbed fish and squid with its peg like teeth. He could wait for his prey to come close enough, then snap his jaws shut forming a cage to trap prey in his mouth. Nothosaurus could swim very fast, so he could also dart after his prey. Nothosaurus grew up to about 10 feet long. He lived in the early Triassic period, about 240 million years ago. Nothosaurus probably came up on land to have babies like sea turtles do today, they also came up on land to rest, and eat. Nothosaurus had to surface every once and a while to breath.

Here is

Today’s Dinosaur Of The Day is Styracosaurus.

Styracosaurus was a member of the Ceratopson family. He had six big horns coming outward from his frill, and one long horn on his nose. Styracosaurus was a relative of Triceratops. Styracosaurus is a really awesome dinosaur. Styracosaurus might have had head-butting contests. Styracosaurus means ‘‘Spiked Lizard.’’ He lived in the Late Cretaceous period. He was discovered in North America, and was about 17 feet long!

Of links and breadcrumbs…

This one is for Albert, the dead fish I found in the river by our house.

There’s a certain way my mind works.  Whenever I think about a certain thing it leads to something else and there’s a link.  Then it links to something else, then something else.  So if I ever forget what I’m thinking about I go back to the last link that I can remember.  It’s like bread crumbs.  Then I remember where I was and I can go on to the next link or start a whole new chain.  Here’s the funny thing, though.  No matter what I start thinking about, it eventually links back to Jesus.  Weird, huh?

8 YEAR OLD WESTON CHIMES IN: I think the same way too.  If I think about a guy building a building, I think he must know a lot about screws.  And if he knows a lot about screws, he can probably draw pictures of screws really well.  And if he can draw really well, he can probably paint really well…

A while ago I wrote about a book I read called Phoebe Goes to Earth.  I wanted to know more about the lady who wrote the book, so I sent her some questions and she sent me her answers.  Here they are:

Why are some names in the book Earth names?  Is it because we wouldn’t be able to understand them in the alien language and we need Earth translations for those names?

Bridger, you are very smart to recognize that I used Earth names in the book for the alien character and planet.  When I wrote this story I wanted to use alien type names but realized it would make it really complicated for readers to say the names. And they would be a little confused with a book titled “2b*:Tx!x]#  Goes to Earth”.   So you are exactly right, I had to use Earth translations for the names.

Does Phoebe live during the time of the dinosaurs or did she travel back to their time.  If she lived during the time of the dinosaurs, is she still alive today?

Yes, Phoebe did live during the time of dinosaurs.  The Zionian people live for millions and millions of years and Phoebe is still alive today. Every 1 year on planet Zion is equivalent to 100 years on planet Earth.

Does Phoebe have anything like dinosaurs on her planet?

Planet Zion has many interesting creatures but none are as extraordinary as dinosaurs.  That is why Phoebe was so amazed by the wonderful animals.

I really love the pictures in your book because they are very imaginative.  Who did those pictures?

I am very glad that you like the pictures in the book.  When I first wrote this book I wanted a good artist friend of mine to draw the pictures, and when I got them to draw a sample, it was perfect but just a little too perfect.  I knew that it was not what I imagined in my head so I decided to make the illustrations myself.  I used construction paper, markers, color pencils and paints.  It was a lot of fun!

Are you going to write any more books about Phoebe?

Phoebe Goes to Earth is actually a children’s book series.  Phoebe has traveled to earth many times since the time of dinosaurs and has had tons of great adventures. The Phoebe Goes to Earth series will document her many travels.  I am currently working on Book 2 “The Ice Age” followed by Book 3 “Humans” and I hope to soon share these books with you as well Bridger.

Thanks, Demetrice Jefferson!

[Dad’s Note: For more information or to order Phoebe Goes to Earth, visit  http://earth2phoebe.blogspot.com.]

A while ago a writer named Demetrice Jefferson sent me a book she wrote called Phoebe Goes to Earth.  That was really nice of her.  I like this book because it’s about two things I love: dinosaurs and space.

It’s about this alien girl from another planet that gets a space ship for her birthday.  Can you believe that– a space ship?  I’d love to get a space ship for my birthday, but I’m not sure I’d have room for it in our yard.  Space ships are really big and they make a lot of noise when they launch.  Me and West went to Florida last week to watch the space shuttle launch and it was awesome.

Her name is Phoebe– which is strange because that’s an Earth name. And her planet is named Zion, which is another Earth name.  Maybe those are just Earth translations of the names.  Maybe we here on Earth wouldn’t understand the names in the alien language.  Phoebe doesn’t look exactly human in the pictures, but she is humanoid with rainbow-ish color hair.

So Phoebe gets this space ship for her birthday and starts exploring and finds earth.  And here’s the neat thing: she finds earth right at the time of the dinosaurs.  Can you imagine that?  Getting a space ship and then finding dinosaurs?

The things that happen in this book couldn’t happen in real life.  For one thing, I’m not sure how a little alien girl could drive a space ship by herself.  Also, she could not have met a brontosaurus when she got to Earth because the brontosaurus never existed! Maybe an apatosaurus, but not a brontosaurus.  But that’s okay.  Books about stuff that could never happen in real live are actually my favorite kinds of books.  They’re less real so there’s more adventure and fun creatures.

Phoebe meets different dinosaurs on Earth and I’m thinking she must have traveled through space and time because the dinos she met lived in different periods.  Brachylophosaurus, triceratops, ankylosaurus, and t-
rex lived during the cretaceous period.  Stegosaurus, apatosaurus and pterodactyls lived during the jurassic period.

The thing is, this is exactly how I would explore– through space and time.  It’s a great book because it makes me imagine these worlds.  I’m going to send this writer some questions later and Dad will put her answers on my

[Dad’s Note: Many thanks to author Demetrice Jefferson for sending Bridger a review copy of Phoebe Goes to Earth.  The book is imaginative, well formatted, tapping the timeless appeal of space exploration and dinosaurs.  Since Bridger turns 10 this summer, he read and reviewed the book from the perspective of a big brother.  His younger siblings also enjoyed the book.  Phoebe Goes to Earth may be ordered at http://earth2phoebe.blogspot.com.]

A deadly nadder, my favorite dragon

This one is for Hiccup.

Sorry I haven’t wrote anything for a while.  I’ve been very busy!  And this is going to be a short one.  Anyway, this one is about one of my favorite movies, How To Train Your Dragon!  My favorite dragon is Deadly Nadder.  It can shoot darts from its tail! It’s also blue!

Deadly Nadders can run faster than a cheetah!  That means it can kick 20 times a second.  Awesome, huh?  I’ll write more about this movie later, but it’s been so long since I wrote a blog post that I thought I should write about what I’m thinking about, which is Deadly Nadders.

That’s all for today.  See ya!

A chilly morning in SeaWorld's Wild Arctic

A note from Dad:

If you’ve followed Bridger’s blog the last few days, you are no doubt familiar with his “Big Night.”  But let me fill in a few blanks:

Bridger and I traveled to San Diego last week for a special sleepover at SeaWorld.  We were two of about 40 people who set up camp in the park’s Wild Arctic exhibit Saturday night.  We hoped to get updates out a little more frequently that night, but honestly we didn’t know what we were in for.  There was no cell reception inside the exhibit itself, so we couldn’t post once inside.  The videos we posted were taken with my cell phone, but we also had a camcorder with us.  I’ll compile a montage of the events and post it here next week.  Bridger will have some thoughts over the weekend.

A big thanks to the good folks at SeaWorld San Diego and the Adventure Camps crew!  The Big Night was a blast!

Well, it’s morning time here at SeaWorld. We got a great spot right by the whales. One of the SeaWorld workers told us a secret that if we skipped going to the bathroom and brushing our teeth we could get in there quick and get that good spot.

It was freezing cold all night but it was worth it. Just look at what we saw when we woke up. Dad took this video right when o wad waking up.