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I almost goed to Jesus last night. My throat hurt and I started throwing up warm blood. Then I went in the ambulance. I don’t remember anything about that. Then I went on the helicopter. It was loud and I could see out the window. The mountains were going by out that window. They were talking to me in the helicopter but I don’t remember what they said.

They gave me a few pokes and put blood-pushers in my hand and my foot. Then they just choked me 3 times. I didn’t like all those wires in me but I had a dinosaur bandaid. There was a red light on my toe like E.T., only it’s not like E.T. because he has a red light in his finger, not his toe. I have three bandaids- a blue crayon one and a crazy one and a ‘Merican flag one.

I won’t live in the hospital because I don’t have obetes like Dustin. I can’t eat anything! Poor, poor Bridger. I think I’m going to die!

WESTON’S THOUGHTS: They is fixing Momma’s car. Maybe they is puttin’ numbers on it to make it go fast! They should put ’45’ on it.

[Dad’s Note: Bridger was released earlier today and is doing well, but he doesn’t seem to understand what it means to “take it easy.” His pain medicine puts him in a daze, but it no longer makes him drowsy. So instead of being dazed and sleepy, he’s more like a dazed Energizer bunny. Much to his frustration, he is on a liquid/soft diet- which means he can’t eat “real food.”

Though this whole experience has been a huge drain on him, he is definitely 100% better than he was yesterday. Thank you for the prayers and kind words. Thanks also to the paramedics and the nurses and doctors at Primary Children’s Medical Center who did a remarkable job.]


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