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My first video

This one is for Santa Claus.  I got a letter from him on Christmas Eve and he came to our house that night!

He brought me a little video camera so I can take videos myself for my blog.  I tried it out and here is my first video.  It was way cold so I didn’t stay out too long.  I videoed some of the reindeer food I put out on Christmas Eve.  I thought it was weird cause Santa ate the cookies I put out for him but his reindeed didn’t even touch the food I left them.  Dad says maybe it’s because everybody else east of Utah put out reindeer food, so by the time they got here they were just full.  It’s still out there if any reindeer get hungry and want to come back for some.

[Dad’s Note:  Reindeer food consists of  oatmeal, cheerios, glitter, and raisins.  I hear they just go nuts for it!]

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This one is for David Krentz.  He is an artist that draws dinosaurs and he even drew them for that Disney Dinosaur movie.  He sent me this DVD that teaches how to draw dinosaurs and I watched it 3 times already.  I’m going to try drawing some dinos with it after Christmas.

Last night Dad was listening to this song he thought was funny so he started laughing.  The thing is it didn’t sound funny to me at all.  I asked him what made it so funny and he was trying to explain it to me.  West said he got it but I think he just thinks he did, because I’m older than him and I sure didn’t get it.  Dad said it’s called ‘sarcasm’ and I’ll understand it when I’m older.

It’s like the other day we were listening to the radio and the guy said “Hello, you sick twisted freaks!”  I told Dad I didn’t want to listen to that guy’s show any more if he’s going to call us names.

Dad said it was just kind of a joke, but I don’t get it.  Dad said it’s another one of those things I’ll get when I’m older.  I said, “What, so I’ll get older and all the sudden I’ll just get it?”  I guess there’s a lot of stuff I’m just going to suddenly understand when I get older.

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A thousand math facts

This one is for Tiff.  Tiff, thanks for telling me about how you learned math.


Holy cow!  My homework this week was a thousand math facts.  Check out this picture.  There were 4 pages like this.  You gotta be kidding me!

It was way a lot, so me and West decided to divide them up.  We divided the columns up on each page.  West took the odds and I did the evens and that made it much faster.  West asked if he could use his fingers.  I can’t use my fingers to do math facts cause  I’m only allowed to use a number line.  But I told West he could use his fingers because he isn’t in my class.

[Dad’s Note:  Weston is in kindergarten, FYI.  And I had nothing to do with this little scheme.  You gotta give the kid points for innovation, though.]

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I hate math facts

Do you know what I hate?  Math facts.  They’re on my homework from school.  They’re these math problems on paper and there’s tons of them.  Thousands of them.

I hate math facts because they’re so hard.  The other day I was doing them and I started crying and a tear dropped on my paper.  It made my paper squishy and that turned into a hole.  Can you believe that a little tear could be so powerful that it makes a hole in the paper?  It’s probably because of the saline.  That’s salt if you didn’t know.  Did you know there is salt in tears?

The thing is I know lots of stuff, like about dinosaurs and animals and nature.  But I just can’t stand math.  I wrote a little note for my teacher on one of my math facts paper that says, “I hate math facts.  Bridger does.”  (I wrote “Bridger does” just in case she couldn’t tell who hates math facts).

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This one is for Tiff.  I went to her concert last week and I will write about that tomorrow.

I was thinking about getting married and I kinda don’t want to do that.  First because it’s girly.  Dad said, “But I got married.  Does that make me girly?”  I told him no it doesn’t because I think he got tricked into it by Mom.

The other thing is I was asking Dad something the other day and he said, “We’ll have to ask Mom about that.”  See that’s the thing with getting married.  I don’t want somebody to be in charge of me all the time like that.  Why would I want that?

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