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This one is for Weston because it was his birthday.

Me and Gibran and Quinton have this group we made that believes in everything.  We believe in things a lot of people just don’t believe in these days.  Like dragons and other galaxies.  You know what else we believe?  That frozen Pluto really is a planet.  I feel bad for frozen Pluto because now they say it’s not a planet.  But I believe it’s a planet.  I always have.

[Dad’s Note: When the International Astronomical Union (IAU) formalized its definition of a planet in 2006, it was determined that Pluto didn’t meet it, and it’s classification changed from planet to not-quite-planet.  Bridger categorically rejects the reclassification of “frozen” Pluto.]


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Ode to Flight of the Navigator

There is this show that I love so much called Flight of the Navigator.  It was Dad’s favorite movie in the whole world when he was little like me.  It has the best space music I ever heard and coolest ship I’ve ever seen.  Here is this video we found that shows lots of stuff from the show.

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