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Of locks and keys

Do you know why I carry a penny around with me everywhere I go?  Just in case somebody accidentally locks a door and I need to unlock it.  Like whenever Angel or Coulter goes in our bathroom and locks the door, I can just unlock it with my penny.

Yesterday we got home and I told Dad I could just unlock our door with my penny.  Dad said my penny wouldn’t work to unlock our door because if I could do it with my penny, couldn’t anybody with a penny just come unlock our door?  He has a point there.


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A cool lightsaber fight

Me and Dad found this cool lightsaber fight on the computer. These guys are fighting with real lightsabers.

[Dad’s Note: Cheesy acting, but cool effects.]

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This one is for Collin.  He’s one of my best friends in my class at school.

Do you know what my favorite nocturnal creature is?  The blind salamander.  They live in caves in Texas.  They have no eyes because they don’t need them in the darkness of the caves.  They have feathery blood-red gills that help them get oxygen into their blood.

Do you know what’s funny?  Blind salamanders eat blind shrimp.  They don’t use radar to find the blind shrimp like a dolphin would.  They’re just very sensitive to movement in the water, so they can tell when something gets close.  Then they eat it.  Pretty cool, huh?

Definitely my favorite noturnal creatures.

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Check out this picture of a t-rex I drew.  Normally I don’t love to put pictures I draw on my blog because I don’t think I draw very good.  But this one is probably the best picture I ever drew.  It’s funny because I took this class at Disneyland about drawing and I didn’t do really good at it.  The teacher kept having us draw circles and lines and all these instructions, but it just wasn’t working for me.

The funny thing is that’s the same kind of teaching this guy does on the video he sent me.  He does lines and circles like the teacher at Disneyland, but somehow I can draw dinosaurs with those instructions.  This guy can draw sooo good!  The video shows him drawing stuff and it looks like it’s fast-forwarding, but it’s really normal speed.  Dad said he was wondering what I though about his video, so here’s what I thought:

It’s a dang good video  because he tells you how to draw and you can follow along, but the cool thing is they stop every once in a while and have somebody on there expaining the parts of the dinosaur and giving facts and all that stuff.  That’s actually my favorite part of the video.  I really like watching it even if I’m not drawing.

[Dad’s Note:  Bridger is talking about Krentz Presentz: Tyranosaurus Rex from artist and concept illustrator David Krentz.  Krentz cut his teeth at Disney after graduating from the California Institute of the Arts.  He was a lead character designer on Disney’s feature, DINOSAUR.  Krentz freelances now, and this video is the first in a series that aims to teach kids (and adults, frankly) to draw dinosaurs.

The guys at Krentz Presentz sent Bridger an advance screener copy of T-Rex a few months ago, and Bridger has been drawing them in various settings ever since.  What makes this DVD so special is Krentz’s obvious passion for dinosaurs and the art of bringing them to life through art.  He demonstrates each step in an uncomplicated, very graspable way, advancing from simple lines and circles to the finished picture.  Along the way, he invites paleontologists and anatomy experts to explain how each part of the dino works.  This basic understanding aids in drawing.

If your child loves dinosaurs and would like to learn the basics of drawing them, Bridger and I would highly recommend Krentz Presentz: Tyranosaurus Rex.  Check them out at krentzpresentz.com.]

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