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Blackie’s doing better

I’m so glad that Blackie’s doing better.  She started drinking and eating yesterday.  I had to help her do that because I think she’s blind.  But then she started eating and drinking on her own.  Now she’s in her box just chirping away.  She’s still not toally okay, but she’s doing better.  I hope she stays alive.


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blackieI have a sad story today about my chicken, Blackie.

Blackie is this tiny chicken I got from my friend Gibran.  He’s going back to Mexico for a long time so he gave me his chicken.  She’ll be grown by the time he gets back from Mexico.

But the thing is Blackie was attacked today by another chicken.  That chicken pecked all the feathers off her head and then pecked off all the skin.  I went outside to check her this morning and saw her laying there in the coop with no skin on her head.  It was just her skull.  You could see her tendons moving back and forth.

I climbed in there and grabbed Blackie and carried him upstairs to Mom and Dad.  She was still alive.  Mom took her to the vet to see if there was anything we could do.  The vet put some medicine on Blackie’s head and said maybe she’ll die.

Then we put Blackie in a special box with newspaper in it.  If she eats and drinks tonight, maybe she’ll live.  If not, she’ll probably go to Jesus.  Me and Weston said special prayers for her but I thought I should tell the world to say prayers for her too.  Maybe that will help.

I can’t put a picture of her on my blog because it’s too gross.  I’m worried about little girls seeing the picture because they’ll flip out if they see it.  Girls are like that.  McCall’s not so much like that, though.  She would probably be tougher than most girls.  She’s not tougher than mom, though.

I hope Blackie lives, but mostly I don’t want her to hurt so much.  I’ve never had all the skin ripped off my head before, but I’m sure it’s gotta hurt.  Man, I hope she gets better.

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Bridger and his fancy cane (photo by aunt Tammy)

Bridger and his fancy cane at Uncle T's wedding (photo by aunt Tammy)

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From Dad:

We apologize to anybody who has tried to reach Bridger’s blog via his domain name during the last part of May.  Since I switched the blog from Blogger to WordPress last year, Bridger’s domain, http://www.thedinosaurboy.com,has served only as a placeholder that redirects to the permanent URL, thedinosaurboy.wordpress.com.

We maintain the domain name because 1) it still hosts his archived posts prior to the switch, 2) the domain is easier to commit to memory than the actual web address, and 3) many sites still link to the domain itself.

Problem is, the domain name exceeded its bandwidth quota last month and became unavailable.  Thus, readers who had bookmarked the blog at http://www.thedinosaurboy.com were unable to access it.

Confusing enough?

In order to avoid access problems in the future, we advise everybody to create new bookmarks reflecting the actual web address, https://thedinosaurboy.wordpress.com.  You’ll get to the exact same place– only a few milliseconds quicker and without being redirected by the domain name.

For further convenience, you may subscribe to Bridger’s feed in a reader by clicking on the orange icon at the top of the page.  That way you’ll recieve the content as soon as it’s published.  Bridger has prepared several posts in the last few weeks that I haven’t had a chance to publish yet because of the busy month.  I’ll start publishing those this week.

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