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Valentine’s Box

The Dinosaur Boy’s Valentine box this year. No surprises here and yes, he made it all himself.


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This one is for Brendon in my school class.

The dino of the day today is Albertosaurus.  I know I’ve done this one before, but he’s just so cool that I need to do him again.  He was a close relative to t-rex.  The name “Albertosaurus” meant “Alberta lizard” and it lived in the late Cretaceous.

Albertosaurus is the most complete fossil of a meat-eating dino ever found in North America.  It had two little ridges on its head– one on each side– that were used to scare off enemies.  It’s eyes were on the side of his head too, so he may not have been able to see as well as t-rex, but he was still very fierce.

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This one is for Gammy.

Valentine’s Day is gross because of all the love.  Love is for girls.  But Valentine’s didn’t used to be about girly love.  It started with a guy named Saint Valentine who cared about everyone.  He’d send them cards to show that he cared.  Weston says he died in a plane crash, but I think he got his head cut off.  So somebody said, “Hey, let’s make a holiday for that guy.”  There’s a difference between caring for people and gross girly love. I don’t know how all that changed to what we have now with all the hearts and pink stuff

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