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A while ago I wrote about a book I read called Phoebe Goes to Earth.  I wanted to know more about the lady who wrote the book, so I sent her some questions and she sent me her answers.  Here they are:

Why are some names in the book Earth names?  Is it because we wouldn’t be able to understand them in the alien language and we need Earth translations for those names?

Bridger, you are very smart to recognize that I used Earth names in the book for the alien character and planet.  When I wrote this story I wanted to use alien type names but realized it would make it really complicated for readers to say the names. And they would be a little confused with a book titled “2b*:Tx!x]#  Goes to Earth”.   So you are exactly right, I had to use Earth translations for the names.

Does Phoebe live during the time of the dinosaurs or did she travel back to their time.  If she lived during the time of the dinosaurs, is she still alive today?

Yes, Phoebe did live during the time of dinosaurs.  The Zionian people live for millions and millions of years and Phoebe is still alive today. Every 1 year on planet Zion is equivalent to 100 years on planet Earth.

Does Phoebe have anything like dinosaurs on her planet?

Planet Zion has many interesting creatures but none are as extraordinary as dinosaurs.  That is why Phoebe was so amazed by the wonderful animals.

I really love the pictures in your book because they are very imaginative.  Who did those pictures?

I am very glad that you like the pictures in the book.  When I first wrote this book I wanted a good artist friend of mine to draw the pictures, and when I got them to draw a sample, it was perfect but just a little too perfect.  I knew that it was not what I imagined in my head so I decided to make the illustrations myself.  I used construction paper, markers, color pencils and paints.  It was a lot of fun!

Are you going to write any more books about Phoebe?

Phoebe Goes to Earth is actually a children’s book series.  Phoebe has traveled to earth many times since the time of dinosaurs and has had tons of great adventures. The Phoebe Goes to Earth series will document her many travels.  I am currently working on Book 2 “The Ice Age” followed by Book 3 “Humans” and I hope to soon share these books with you as well Bridger.

Thanks, Demetrice Jefferson!

[Dad’s Note: For more information or to order Phoebe Goes to Earth, visit  http://earth2phoebe.blogspot.com.]


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