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This is like when we meet do to our family chore charts…they never really work out. Well, they do for about a month until everything starts falling apart. People just stop worrying about them. After a while Mom says, “We’re going to start chore charts again,” but we never do. We’ve tried all kinds of ways to keep them going, like tokens.

But still I do chores at least once a day. Sometimes I have to sweep twice because somebody will spill chips on the ground or crush them or something.  Chores would be great if I didn’t have to sweep. I’m going to invent a vacuum that works on wooden floors so you don’t have to sweep. It’ll be inexpensive and would make a great birthday present. I’m sure there are other children who would appreciate my vacuum.

Another great invention would be a robot maid that you can program to do things like put toys in the basement, put books away. And you could push a button that tells it not to throw stuff away. If the throwaway switch is on, it throws away stuff that normal people would consider garbage– like my solar ovens or the suitcase I made out of a goldfish box. But if the switch is off, it would keep those things. Basically this will be a maid that you can trust, because you can’t trust most maids.


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