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This one is for Huxley the paleontologist at Walking with Dinosaurs.

I really hope that wasn’t the last time Walking with Dinosaurs comes to Utah because I love it so much. It’s like the show I got last Christmas called Chased by Dinosaurs, only you’re not watching it on a TV- it’s real! They have a paleontologist that’s like Nigel Marven, only he’s not Nigel Marven, and Nigel Marven is an ornithologist and an adventurer, not a paleontologist. But I think this guy is like Nigel Marven’s helper or something. He wears the same vest.

I really loved going to Walking with Dinosaurs because the dinosaurs are so big and look so real. First they had a liliensternus come out, then an allosaurus. They also had a baby and mom brachiosaurus. It’s cool because how big they were is how big Littlefoot and his grandpa or grandma really would have been. They had ornithocherius and torosaurus and stegosaurus too. I will write more about this tomorrow cause Dadda took some video. It’s ok that he did that, cause he didn’t use flash photography. They said before the show that it bugs the dinosaurs. I’ll have him put the video on my blog tomorrow or maybe the next day.


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This one is for Jack Skellington. He’s my favorite Disney guy ever.

I was swimming in the pool at our hotel yesterday and I was teaching Weston how to get away from a shark if he ever needs to. I learned it on Discovery Channel. You don’t want to kick or splash too much because that will make him want to chase you. What you do is just swim slowly away. I didn’t see any sharks at the beach this week but it’s good to know anyway.

Me and Weston just collected all kinds of shells at the beach. There was clams and oysters and even a dead Gary snail. I wish I could come there every single day. Dadda wishes he would have brought the surf board that he bought in San Diego. Mumma gives him a hard time about buying a surf board when he lives in Utah, but I don’t have a problem with it at all.

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