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Of locks and keys

Do you know why I carry a penny around with me everywhere I go?  Just in case somebody accidentally locks a door and I need to unlock it.  Like whenever Angel or Coulter goes in our bathroom and locks the door, I can just unlock it with my penny.

Yesterday we got home and I told Dad I could just unlock our door with my penny.  Dad said my penny wouldn’t work to unlock our door because if I could do it with my penny, couldn’t anybody with a penny just come unlock our door?  He has a point there.

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This one is for Weston because it was his birthday.

Me and Gibran and Quinton have this group we made that believes in everything.  We believe in things a lot of people just don’t believe in these days.  Like dragons and other galaxies.  You know what else we believe?  That frozen Pluto really is a planet.  I feel bad for frozen Pluto because now they say it’s not a planet.  But I believe it’s a planet.  I always have.

[Dad’s Note: When the International Astronomical Union (IAU) formalized its definition of a planet in 2006, it was determined that Pluto didn’t meet it, and it’s classification changed from planet to not-quite-planet.  Bridger categorically rejects the reclassification of “frozen” Pluto.]

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Have you ever had one of those dreams that are so real that they don’t seem like a dream at all?  I had one of those the other night.  I dreamed I was at The Kids’ house and they had this dinosaur pop-up book.  They opened up the pop-up book and we were looking at all of the dinosaurs.  Then I somehow just jumped into the book and I was in the dinosaur world.  It was so cool because I got to meet all of them.  I rode on a pleurodon’s back and then I got to meet a momma t-rex.

It’s just like when Dad had a dream when he was little that he was in Voltron.  That’s a really old show that he loved so much.  He dreamed he was in Voltron but it was so real.  That’s like this dream I had about dinosaurs.  Everything was so real that I remember everything about it.  I was sad when I woke up from that dream.

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Cheerios saves lives

I just found out something cool. I was eating Cheerios and reading the box and it says that it can lower your cholesterol. I think that’s pretty awesome.

Cholesterol is a bad thing that gets in your veins and builds up and up. If it blocks your blood from going through, you’ll have a heart attack and die. The Cheerios box has pictures of people on the back of it with words telling about how Cheerios saved their lives. Isn’t it pretty cool that a cereal can save your life. It makes me want to eat lots of them.

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This one is for David Krentz.  He is an artist that draws dinosaurs and he even drew them for that Disney Dinosaur movie.  He sent me this DVD that teaches how to draw dinosaurs and I watched it 3 times already.  I’m going to try drawing some dinos with it after Christmas.

Last night Dad was listening to this song he thought was funny so he started laughing.  The thing is it didn’t sound funny to me at all.  I asked him what made it so funny and he was trying to explain it to me.  West said he got it but I think he just thinks he did, because I’m older than him and I sure didn’t get it.  Dad said it’s called ‘sarcasm’ and I’ll understand it when I’m older.

It’s like the other day we were listening to the radio and the guy said “Hello, you sick twisted freaks!”  I told Dad I didn’t want to listen to that guy’s show any more if he’s going to call us names.

Dad said it was just kind of a joke, but I don’t get it.  Dad said it’s another one of those things I’ll get when I’m older.  I said, “What, so I’ll get older and all the sudden I’ll just get it?”  I guess there’s a lot of stuff I’m just going to suddenly understand when I get older.

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