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From Dad:

We apologize to anybody who has tried to reach Bridger’s blog via his domain name during the last part of May.  Since I switched the blog from Blogger to WordPress last year, Bridger’s domain, http://www.thedinosaurboy.com,has served only as a placeholder that redirects to the permanent URL, thedinosaurboy.wordpress.com.

We maintain the domain name because 1) it still hosts his archived posts prior to the switch, 2) the domain is easier to commit to memory than the actual web address, and 3) many sites still link to the domain itself.

Problem is, the domain name exceeded its bandwidth quota last month and became unavailable.  Thus, readers who had bookmarked the blog at http://www.thedinosaurboy.com were unable to access it.

Confusing enough?

In order to avoid access problems in the future, we advise everybody to create new bookmarks reflecting the actual web address, https://thedinosaurboy.wordpress.com.  You’ll get to the exact same place– only a few milliseconds quicker and without being redirected by the domain name.

For further convenience, you may subscribe to Bridger’s feed in a reader by clicking on the orange icon at the top of the page.  That way you’ll recieve the content as soon as it’s published.  Bridger has prepared several posts in the last few weeks that I haven’t had a chance to publish yet because of the busy month.  I’ll start publishing those this week.


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Note from Dad: Regular readers may have noticed that Bridger hasn’t posted very much lately.  There are several reasons for this– most having to do with lack of time to create posts and wrestle with Blogger’s quirks and bugs.

So in order to allow for more regular posting, we’ve made two changes- one in mode and one in method.

First, we’ve moved the blog to WordPress.  You won’t need to change your bookmarks as the Web address (www.thedinosaurboy.com) remains unchanged.  It will simply forward to the new WordPress subdomain.  This will make it easier for us to create posts and maintain layout.  The new format will also provide a better organized, more searchable, and more user friendly website for you, the reader.

Second, we’re changing ideology behind the way we post.  Most of Bridger’s posts since this blog’s inception have included images.  These must be created, uploaded, edited, and inserted into the post.  It’s not a complicated process, but it does take time.  Further, making things look right despite Blogger’s bugs and quirks was quite a task.

So we’re going to simplify.  We’ll throw in images where we can, but if it comes down to a choice between posting without a picture and not posting at all, we’ll choose the former.  That may make the blog a bit less scrapbook-like, but it will make it easier for Bridger to post more regularly.


  • If you are subscribed to this blog’s rss feed, please update that feed address by clicking up top.  You can also now subscribe to comments left here, which is pretty cool.  If you don’t know what a reader or rss feeds are, you can read about them here.
  • You may have noticed that the new look isn’t as personalized as the old website was.  Don’t worry, it will evolve with time.
  • No, Bridger’s 2.5 years of posts are NOT GONE!  There was no practical way to import them to the new platform so we left them right where they are.   To check out all of Bridger’s posts from the very beginning up to last month, scroll down and look in the right sidebar.  These links will take you to the archive for each month.
  • The new website features individual pages (something Blogger didn’t allow for).  Page navigation is at the top.

So set a bookmark, subscribe to the rss, check back often, and be sure to leave Bridger your comments!


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