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My first video

This one is for Santa Claus.  I got a letter from him on Christmas Eve and he came to our house that night!

He brought me a little video camera so I can take videos myself for my blog.  I tried it out and here is my first video.  It was way cold so I didn’t stay out too long.  I videoed some of the reindeer food I put out on Christmas Eve.  I thought it was weird cause Santa ate the cookies I put out for him but his reindeed didn’t even touch the food I left them.  Dad says maybe it’s because everybody else east of Utah put out reindeer food, so by the time they got here they were just full.  It’s still out there if any reindeer get hungry and want to come back for some.

[Dad’s Note:  Reindeer food consists of  oatmeal, cheerios, glitter, and raisins.  I hear they just go nuts for it!]

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