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This is like when we meet do to our family chore charts…they never really work out. Well, they do for about a month until everything starts falling apart. People just stop worrying about them. After a while Mom says, “We’re going to start chore charts again,” but we never do. We’ve tried all kinds of ways to keep them going, like tokens.

But still I do chores at least once a day. Sometimes I have to sweep twice because somebody will spill chips on the ground or crush them or something.  Chores would be great if I didn’t have to sweep. I’m going to invent a vacuum that works on wooden floors so you don’t have to sweep. It’ll be inexpensive and would make a great birthday present. I’m sure there are other children who would appreciate my vacuum.

Another great invention would be a robot maid that you can program to do things like put toys in the basement, put books away. And you could push a button that tells it not to throw stuff away. If the throwaway switch is on, it throws away stuff that normal people would consider garbage– like my solar ovens or the suitcase I made out of a goldfish box. But if the switch is off, it would keep those things. Basically this will be a maid that you can trust, because you can’t trust most maids.


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Do you ever wonder what adults do at church?  I think they sit in the gym and talk the whole time, and eat little treats that only adults like– like lasagna.  Then they walk around, every once in a while checking in on their kids in the classes.

It seems like their whole life adults are talking to people.  Like when we go on walks in the neighborhood and Mom and Dad see Grace or some of their other friends, they stop and talk for about two hours.  That’s great that they can do that, but what are we going to do while they’re talking?

It’s not like we can just listen in, because they just talk about bills and houses and other stuff only adults care about.

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This one is for Jesus.  Easter is all about Jesus and this is a very special day.

First there was the crucification.  That’s where they nailed him on a cross on a hill.  Then he died and they put him in a tomb, which is kind of freaky.  We don’t do tombs much any more, we do graves.  Then after 3 days he was resurrected.  That means I’ll be resurrected and have a perfect body.  That’s nice because that means I won’t need to eat, which means I won’t be a picky eater any more.

Then there’s the Easter Bunny.  He came last night, but he only brought candy and stuff, not big things.  That’s ok because I understand he doesn’t have the budget that Santa Claus does.

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This one is for Gammy.

Valentine’s Day is gross because of all the love.  Love is for girls.  But Valentine’s didn’t used to be about girly love.  It started with a guy named Saint Valentine who cared about everyone.  He’d send them cards to show that he cared.  Weston says he died in a plane crash, but I think he got his head cut off.  So somebody said, “Hey, let’s make a holiday for that guy.”  There’s a difference between caring for people and gross girly love. I don’t know how all that changed to what we have now with all the hearts and pink stuff

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This one is for my little brother Dill.  He’s so cute and he smiles so sweet and he weighs 22 lbs.

This blog post is about plesiosaur.  Check out this picture of a plesiosaur.  It’s kind of like an underwater longneck with flippers.  And a shorter tail.  And it was a meat eater.

Plesiosaur was actually a type of dinosaur.  The largest of this type was Elasmosaurus.  They lived for a very long time– from the beginning of the Jurassic to the end of the Cretaceous.  They were some of the first fossils ever found by science and there are a whole lot of them.

What would be awesome is if they never went extinct and SeaWorld had a few in tanks.  Then I’d want to go there every hour.  I’d camp at SeaWorld.  Of course I already wish I could camp there because I love it so much.  I’d camp by the stingrays so I could pet them whenever I want.

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Happy New Year!!

I was going to write on my blog back at Christmas time but we were just so busy.  Santa came and brought me some good stuff.  I was so excited about the dinosaur game he brought me because I’ve been asking for it for years.  I’m so glad he remembered!  It was sooo hard to go to sleep on Christmas Eve.  I stayed awake clear til morning and I just knew that Santa went past us because he has all those other time zones to visit.  But when we woke up he had come.  How can Santa do this?  He can because he’s Santa.

Before Christmas we had a party for my friend Jane who is moving to Texas.  I will write another post about Jane later but I miss her now.  At the party Weston banged his finger in the door and it turned purple.  He was so tough he didn’t even cry or complain about it.

Now that it’s after Christmas, it’s the new year!  We didn’t do fireworks or bang pans this year because it was too cold and Dilly was sick.  But the neighbors did fireworks, so we watched those.  It will be a good new year.  If I had one wish for the new year it would be to see a real live dinosaur.  And peace on earth.

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This one is for Weston because it was his birthday.

Me and Gibran and Quinton have this group we made that believes in everything.  We believe in things a lot of people just don’t believe in these days.  Like dragons and other galaxies.  You know what else we believe?  That frozen Pluto really is a planet.  I feel bad for frozen Pluto because now they say it’s not a planet.  But I believe it’s a planet.  I always have.

[Dad’s Note: When the International Astronomical Union (IAU) formalized its definition of a planet in 2006, it was determined that Pluto didn’t meet it, and it’s classification changed from planet to not-quite-planet.  Bridger categorically rejects the reclassification of “frozen” Pluto.]

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This one is for Tiff.  I went to her concert last week and I will write about that tomorrow.

I was thinking about getting married and I kinda don’t want to do that.  First because it’s girly.  Dad said, “But I got married.  Does that make me girly?”  I told him no it doesn’t because I think he got tricked into it by Mom.

The other thing is I was asking Dad something the other day and he said, “We’ll have to ask Mom about that.”  See that’s the thing with getting married.  I don’t want somebody to be in charge of me all the time like that.  Why would I want that?

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