A chilly morning in SeaWorld's Wild Arctic

A note from Dad:

If you’ve followed Bridger’s blog the last few days, you are no doubt familiar with his “Big Night.”  But let me fill in a few blanks:

Bridger and I traveled to San Diego last week for a special sleepover at SeaWorld.  We were two of about 40 people who set up camp in the park’s Wild Arctic exhibit Saturday night.  We hoped to get updates out a little more frequently that night, but honestly we didn’t know what we were in for.  There was no cell reception inside the exhibit itself, so we couldn’t post once inside.  The videos we posted were taken with my cell phone, but we also had a camcorder with us.  I’ll compile a montage of the events and post it here next week.  Bridger will have some thoughts over the weekend.

A big thanks to the good folks at SeaWorld San Diego and the Adventure Camps crew!  The Big Night was a blast!

Well, it’s morning time here at SeaWorld. We got a great spot right by the whales. One of the SeaWorld workers told us a secret that if we skipped going to the bathroom and brushing our teeth we could get in there quick and get that good spot.

It was freezing cold all night but it was worth it. Just look at what we saw when we woke up. Dad took this video right when o wad waking up.

A little video from my polar bear class.


Here I am at SeaWorld! I’m with Dad and we’re going to sleep over. It’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life! They gave us a cool shirt with the perfect picture of Shamu on the front. We’re going to eat now, then more stuff, the we’ll sleep on the ground next to the beluga whale tank. Check back for more later!