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Of links and breadcrumbs…

This one is for Albert, the dead fish I found in the river by our house.

There’s a certain way my mind works.  Whenever I think about a certain thing it leads to something else and there’s a link.  Then it links to something else, then something else.  So if I ever forget what I’m thinking about I go back to the last link that I can remember.  It’s like bread crumbs.  Then I remember where I was and I can go on to the next link or start a whole new chain.  Here’s the funny thing, though.  No matter what I start thinking about, it eventually links back to Jesus.  Weird, huh?

8 YEAR OLD WESTON CHIMES IN: I think the same way too.  If I think about a guy building a building, I think he must know a lot about screws.  And if he knows a lot about screws, he can probably draw pictures of screws really well.  And if he can draw really well, he can probably paint really well…


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