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This one is for my little brother Dill.  He’s so cute and he smiles so sweet and he weighs 22 lbs.

This blog post is about plesiosaur.  Check out this picture of a plesiosaur.  It’s kind of like an underwater longneck with flippers.  And a shorter tail.  And it was a meat eater.

Plesiosaur was actually a type of dinosaur.  The largest of this type was Elasmosaurus.  They lived for a very long time– from the beginning of the Jurassic to the end of the Cretaceous.  They were some of the first fossils ever found by science and there are a whole lot of them.

What would be awesome is if they never went extinct and SeaWorld had a few in tanks.  Then I’d want to go there every hour.  I’d camp at SeaWorld.  Of course I already wish I could camp there because I love it so much.  I’d camp by the stingrays so I could pet them whenever I want.


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Happy New Year!!

I was going to write on my blog back at Christmas time but we were just so busy.  Santa came and brought me some good stuff.  I was so excited about the dinosaur game he brought me because I’ve been asking for it for years.  I’m so glad he remembered!  It was sooo hard to go to sleep on Christmas Eve.  I stayed awake clear til morning and I just knew that Santa went past us because he has all those other time zones to visit.  But when we woke up he had come.  How can Santa do this?  He can because he’s Santa.

Before Christmas we had a party for my friend Jane who is moving to Texas.  I will write another post about Jane later but I miss her now.  At the party Weston banged his finger in the door and it turned purple.  He was so tough he didn’t even cry or complain about it.

Now that it’s after Christmas, it’s the new year!  We didn’t do fireworks or bang pans this year because it was too cold and Dilly was sick.  But the neighbors did fireworks, so we watched those.  It will be a good new year.  If I had one wish for the new year it would be to see a real live dinosaur.  And peace on earth.

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